...and our growing family here! From Alberta to Nova Scotia, students are "plugging-in" from all over to take advantage of our e-learning program!
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Course Offerings
GLBC President Search
      GLBC Invites nominations and
      applications for the position of
      College President
Winter Semester, 2017
      January 9: Classes begin
      March 13-17: March Break
      April 27: Classes end
2017 Graduation and Promotional Dinner
      April 29    Click for Ad (PDF)
Short Courses
Experiencing God in the Spiritual Disciplines
    Jim Holston
    May 8-12, 2017
    Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Exposition of James, I & II Peter and I John
    David Knutson
    May 15-19, 2017
    Red Deer, Alberta
Studies in Psalms
    Paul Birston
    Aug 28-Sep 1, 2017
    Camp Omagh, Milton, Ontario
2017 Winter Course Offerings
  Expository Preaching from the Gospels (Monday 1-4), Jim Holston (E-Learning)
  General Epistles (Tuesday 9-12), Dave Knutson (E-Learning)
  Worship (Tuesday 1-4), Jim Holston (E-Learning)
  Samuel-Kings (Wednesday 9-12), Jim Holston (E-Learning)
  Critical Intro to the New Testament (Wednesday 1-4), Dave Knutson (E-Learning)
  N.T. Greek I (second term) (Thursday 9-12), Geoff Ellis
  Intro to Early Christian Literature (Thursday 1-4), Jim Holston (E-Learning)
Independent Studies / Internet Courses
  N.T Survey (Archive), Dave Knutson
  Timothy-Titus (Archive), Jim Holston