Restoring the Mission of the Church — Seminar

Average Lesson Length: 50 minutes

Course Description:

Videos from the seminar hosted in Waterloo on June 28-29. We apologize that the quality of the videos could be better–the camera was either too close or too far. The powerpoint also do not come through on the video. Overall, the videos still communicate excellent material and are absolute worth watching! Hope you enjoy.

Lesson 1: Current State of the Church and why we need Revival--Lesson 1

Length: 43 minutes

Lesson 2: Overt Spiritual Conversations in Finding Persons of Peace

Length: 47 minutes

Lesson 3: Clarity on the Gospel

Length: 45 minutes

Lesson 4: Facilitating Discovery Groups

Length: 65 minutes

Lesson 5: Rediscovering the Mission of the Church

Length: 50 minutes

Lesson 6: Coaching Towards Multi-Generational Groups

Length: 53 minutes

Lesson 7: Restoring the Role of Prayer and the Holy Spirit

Length: 57 minutes