GLBC Classes Wired!

In the fall of 2008 Great Lakes Bible College launched e-learning classes, offering 6 courses that academic year. The response from individuals and churches was both immediate and positive. Since that time, about 100 students have taken courses online.

In addition to live classes, we continue to add e-learning classes to a repository. These may be taken for credit from our archives when they are offered. Auditors may arrange to take any of these courses at their own convenience.

Archived Courses
Current and Upcoming E-Learning Courses
      Old Testament Survey
      New Testament Survey
      Genesis - Exodus
      Joshua - Ruth
      Samuel - Kings
      Jeremiah - Lamentations
      Major Prophets II
      Ezekiel - Daniel
      Gospel of John
      Book of Acts
      Romans - Galatians
Fall term, 2016
      Live Classes (or at your own time-frame) (See PDF)
             Book of Revelation (Jim Holston)
             Leviticus-Deuteronomy (Dave Knutson)
             Homiletics (fundamentals of preaching) (Jim Holston)
             Introduction to Philosophy (Dave Knutson)
             Intertestamental Literature and History (Jim Holston)
             Old Testament Survey (Dave Knutson)
             Major Prophets II (Ezekiel-Daniel) (Jim Holston)
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  • Email: Academics@glbc.ca
  • Phone: 519-342-3040